The Worldwalkers Universe

The seeds for these novels, and for the book universe within them, have been in my psyche since I was a teenager. At some point, a mere seven years ago, my subconscious finally decided that enough work had been done to put the ideas into words. I had read enough books, I had created enough stories in my head, and it was time. I wrote two short stories, and then began work on my first novel.

The novel was half-completed in just a few months time, but then my writing abilities stalled out again. It sat, untouched, for another six years.

For whatever reason, in early autumn, the urge and ability to write returned. The novel was completed. Then another! A novella. Several short stories. The third book completed, and Inroads into the final novel in the series, more short stories, and the Tales of Varg young adult books were all made. I'm still writing, and I'm still enjoying the process.

I hope that you, too, will enjoy the Universe I've created, where vampires, donors, and shapeshifting wolf-like rael-shaa travel between quantum realities.





Book One of the Rogue Saga, Sorrows, is available now in trade paperback and pdf formats. This book has been professionally edited. Click on the cover for more information!

Sorrows shared are sorrows halved...










The Rogue Saga is planned to consist of a series of four novels:

Dark Times



In addition to The Rogue Saga, a spin-off novella which is not technically part of the saga will be released after the novel Shatter. It is titled Only Time. This novella (or short novel) is stand-alone, and you won't need to have read any of the previous works in order to fully enjoy it.



The short story, Secrets, is a paranormal romance/urban fantasy which serves as a great introduction to the Worldwalkers Universe.

Tina's boyfriend has been keeping secrets. A near-fatal car accident may reveal them all, and save or end their relationship.

6895 words, around 11 pages long.







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The short story, Decision, is a romance/light gay erotica spin-off from the novel, Sorrows. If you wanted to know what actually happened behind closed doors between Dave and Kel, this is your chance to find out!

Dave Williams, a vampire who works in a Law Enforcement Circle called The Mavericks, has been running from his past for decades. The tall, scarred, intimidating donor, Kelderin, had proven his skills as a co-worker, and became a comfortable companion... until a rainy night, when Dave learned that the deep-voiced high mage with the amber-grey eyes had feelings for him that went far beyond camaraderie. Can Dave move beyond the grief of his past, to accept what Kel has to offer?

3565 words, around 6 pages long.






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 The short story, 'Revelation,' is now available as a free stand-alone piece in a variety of formats.







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The novelette, 'Desertion' is the back story of Kelderin, a character who appears in 'Sorrows.'  It can be read as a stand-alone.

High Mage Kelderin is determined to learn the secrets of the unnatural blood-drinking strangers camping in Garantha's remote woodland, but his duties to the crown make it increasingly difficult to indulge his curiosity. War threatens, and the King requires Kelderin's services for a particular specialty: demon summoning. But demons are not beasts to be toyed with lightly.

This is a 15,961 word novelette.




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The short story 'Revelation' appears in a charity anthology which has been created by the Vampire Writers Support group, released in October 2013.







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 Other short stories, some of which involve events that occur during the course of the novels, will also be made available in the future.




The first chapter of Dark Times was released as a stand alone short story, for free. I don't consider it to be my best work, and like most authors, my writing has improved with practice and attention to revisions and editing. Despite this, the short story, titled Free Time has acquired its share of fans. It has now been taken down, with the release of the novel, Sorrows' and it will be re-written and worked into the novel, Dark Times.










 I welcome all feedback, criticism, suggestions, and fan love!

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