Worldwalkers Universe Goodies!

The Infinity Scales are the symbol of the Keepers of Sorrows, the priesthood of the vampires.  The Keepers of Sorrows work in counseling and aid in Law Enforcement investigations by accepting the memories of witnesses and victims.  They believe that the role of vampires is to hold the memories of mankind, and preserve them so they may be shared in the future, so that memories aren't lost. They believe that joyful memories and darker memories should be balanced, so neither overwhelms the one who carries them.

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Click the images to get the personas from the Firefox Theme site!  The first is designed for folks who have a large link bar at the top of ther brower window, that will display a lot of the image.  The second is also created for screens with lots of tool bars.  The third is designed for folks who have fewer toolbars at the top of their browser window.

Firefox Personas